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So when you have all the required levels, including the 1000 PkHonor points and 150 Pest Control points, you can start Pest Invasion.This can be done by going to Pest Control, it is under the 'minigames' teleport in your spellbook. Once there locate the 'Squire' in the middle of the island. Talk to him, you will have to hand in the 1000 PkHonor points and the 150 PC points in order to start the quest.He will then tell you to visit the mage's apprentice on Entrana.

Before going to Entrana, bank all your weapons and armor, as you are not allowed to take them to Entrana. Once you have done that, teleport to Pest Control again. This time talk to the Squire next to the boat on the far north of the island and ask him to take you to port Sarim.

Once arrived at port sarim, walk north but stay on the dock. Locate the 'Monk of Entrana' and ask him to take you to Entrana.

The X represents the location where you will be after the Squire took you to Port Sarim.The yellow dot represents the Monk of Entrana.

When you arrived on Entrana, talk to 'Monk' who is standing close to the demon.He will tell you they have a problem with the demon, and that it likes lava eels a lot. So your taskis to fish and cook 20 Lava eels. In order to do so, you will need an oily fishing rod and some fishing bait.

The oily fishing rod can be made like this. First you need to get a clean harralander and use it on a vial of water to createan unf harralander potion. Then purchase a blamish snail slime and use it with the unf harralander potion to create a blamish oil (all of the required items can be purchased from the herblore shop)Purchase a fishing rod and about 30 fishing baits (can be brought from the master fisher in Catherby).Use the blamish oil on the fishing rod to create an oily fishing rod. You are now ready to go.

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You can fish for lava eels in the Taverley dungeon. The taverley dungeon is located west of Falador, to be exact here:

The X represents the location where you will be after teleporting to Falador,using the 'cities' teleport in your spellbook.

Once you enter, if you have a high enough level in agility, squeeze through the pipe and walk towards the lava you see directly to south, you can fish the lava eels there.

If you do not have a high enough level in agilty, walk all the way through taverly dungeon, past dwarfs, lesser demons and blue dragons.You should then reach lava, like I said before. Fish the eels there.

Remember to fish as many as you can fit in your inventory, since you may actually burn some (at 99 cooking on average you burn 1 out of every 8). You do not want to go back again to fish more.

Once you have the 20 lava eels, go back to Entrana and use them on the demon. You can now pass the demon.

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Before walking past the demon, it is strongly advised to bank for food and potions. Stat boosting potions, saradomin brews and super restores or overloads if you have access to them are heavily advised, as you cannot bring weapons, armour or items that can be turned into armour and weapons.

Once you have banked, walk past the Demon and enter the house with the cooking range icon (the house right beside the demon). The Mages Apprentice will appear standing in the middle of the room, dressed head to toe in black. Attack the Mages Apprentice as soon as you enter, it may take some time to get him in the verge of death, but it is doable.

The next part of the quest is about making a teletab that takes you to crash island. To make a teletab you need *1 softclay, 1 law rune and 3 air runes*.

Do not forget these (soft clay can be bought in the general store and can be mined in Crafting Guild (You need 70 Crafting to go in it) and then used on the sink to make it soft) you can also use buckets of water on it one at a time but its much slower. The lectern you use to make the tab is located far in Karamja you can go there by rubbing an Amulet of Glory or going from Graahk Hunting Area, to be exact here:

The X represents the spot where you will be teleported to from Port Sarimafter talking to Seaman Lorris.

When you have the teletab, do NOT use it yet! First go bank and get the supplies you need to defeat and mithril dragon and a pretty tough mage. Bring an *antifire or dragonfire shield* (protection from the dragonfire from the mithril dragon). Also do not forget some stat boosting potions again, also a prayer potion (maybe even 2) and some good food.

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Be sure to pick up some crash island teleport tablets while you are there, There is 3 spawn's of teleport Tablets each one gives 3 tablets if you don't you will have to go back to the lectern to make more. I assume you want to go back there later to kill the elves, to know more about thatread the part in 'extra information' located at the bottom of the page.

The mithril dragon should be no problem at all,just protect from melee and attack it. When the mage spawns, protect from magic. But watch out as it can still deal quite some damage. Just keep an eye on your hitpoints and eat when needed, you should be fine.

When you finally killed the dragon and the mage, he will give you a clue scroll. Bank all your stuff (it's in the wilderness!) Now bring the *clue scroll and a spade* (as you have to dig up an item). The spot where you have to dig is east of wilderness agility course.To be exact here:

The X represents where to dig.

Try some different spots as you have to dig on the exact location. When you do it correct,you should receive another clue scroll. It says something about 'the one who is afraid of the light protects the korasi sword'.

The vampire is hinted at with that description. He is located in his coffin under Draynor manor.The Draynor manor is located here. To get to Draynor Manor use the Skilling > Farming > Special Patches > Belladonnas.

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Go inside and down the stairs. Click his coffin and he will come out and attack you. (Remember to bring the key)He is really easy and shouldn't be an issue for you. I protected from melee prayer andI did not get hit once, so I recommend you do the same. You wont have to bring any food.

When you kill him you will receive the korasi sword! But don't be happy already,because you still have to finish the quest. You will NOT be able to use the Korasi sword in combat outside of the quest before you have finished it.

Quickly walk over and talk to the squire before proceeding to show him the sword.

The last part of the quest is actually the hardest part. You have to kill the Superportal. To go face the superportal,take the boat that would normally start a game of pest control and select the superportal instance. The korasi sword is the only weapon that can harm the superportal, so don't bother bringing anything as a weapon besides korasi sword and good melee armor, preferably bandos. If you can't afford bandos, melee barrowsarmors will also do the job.

The portal has a total of 2000 hitpoints. Whenever you hit the superportal, pest control monsters will spawn. There are melee, ranged and magic monsters included, so all forms of combat. During the fight use protect pray from magic attacks. As you will be using melee and melee gear. I tried using protect from melee and range, but I experienced getting hit a lot more than with protect from magic pray on. make sure to kill the monsters before you became overwhelmed, also make sure to make use of your special attack.

As this is important, spinners will also be spawned. Spinners heal the portal, but not (much) as long as you willbe fast with killing them. Attack them as soon as they spawn to keep them from healing the portal. (they can appear under the portal and you may miss them at first so keep an eye out)


Can you do a quest twice in build a boat? ›

Doing a completed Listed quest again usually not award the player materials again. Unlisted Quests will not reward the player after completing it the first time. You cannot place any type of Jet Turbine while doing a listed quest, with the exception of The Rings quest and the soccer quest.

What are the strongest blocks in build a boat for treasure? ›

The weakest material is Wood Block, and the strongest is the Gold Block.

How do you do the Soccer Quest in build a boat 2022? ›

How to do the Soccer quest in Build A Boat For Treasure(2022) - YouTube

How do you beat the quests in build a boat? ›

HOW TO COMPLETE EVERY QUEST FAST 2020| Build a Boat ... - YouTube

What is the secret code in build a boat? ›

here are the latest build a boat for treasure codes

Lurking Legend – free blocks. Be a big f00t print – free blocks. chillthrill709 was here – free blocks. Squid Army – 22 times ice and 22 times gold.

How do you beat the soccer ball in build a boat? ›

Use a harpoon to move the ball to the Treasure. Use any type of jet turbine and fly over the Stages. Use the flying Glitch to carry the ball to the end. Sit and wait for the ball to reach the end, and push it to the treasure once it gets there.

What is the lightest block in build a boat? ›

Plastic is the lightest block in the game, weighing 0.001 balloons.

What is the best tool in build a boat? ›

The Property Tool, better known as the 'screwdriver', is an obtainable tool in Build A Boat For Treasure. It allows the player to change the block's transparency, collision, anchor, shadow, torque/force and speed of any type of wheels and turbines, and the length of Pistons.

How do you get the rarest items in build a boat? ›

5 RAREST ITEMS!! (how to get) | Build a boat for Treasure ROBLOX

How can I get a plushie 2? ›

The Plushie 2 is an item hidden in the map in Build A Boat For Treasure. It is obtained by shooting open the door of the middle right hut in the Tribal Stage using cannons or a Hand Cannon.

How do you build a plushie 3 in a boat? ›

Plushie 3 is a plushie added on 8/3/2019 and was obtainable from defeating the Fabbi boss in The Secret Place.

How do you clear all blocks in build a boat for treasure? ›

The Delete Tool appears in the inventory. It deletes blocks the player has placed with the Building Tool. Like the Building Tool, it will disappear when the player launches their boat. If a player deletes a merged block, the Delete Tool will remove the entire merged block, not just one block.

What is the tribal stage in build a boat for treasure? ›

The Tribal Stage is a Stage with Huts, Green Rocks, and Stone Torches. The huts throw Hut bombs at the player's boat. Trees align the left and right of this stage, and greenery is growing on the top of it. A tall boat can get stuck on this stage if it hits a tree.


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