Salsa Limón – 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Near Me - (UPDATED May 2023) - Bipper Media (2023)


Salsa Limón – 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Near Me - (UPDATED May 2023) - Bipper Media (1)

416 Google reviews

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Salsa Limón – 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Near Me - (UPDATED May 2023) - Bipper Media (2)

Salsa Limón in Fort Worth, Texas

Salsa Limón is a Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas
📍 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 (Directions)
☎️ +1 682-707-9966 (Call Now)
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👍 Salsa Limón Reviews in Fort Worth, Texas


Salsa Limón – 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Near Me - (UPDATED May 2023) - Bipper Media (3)

416 Google reviews

– 5 Star Reviews: 299
– 4 Star Reviews: 55
– 3 Star Reviews: 20
– 2 Star Reviews: 15
– 1 Star Reviews: 27

  • Salsa Limón – 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Near Me - (UPDATED May 2023) - Bipper Media (4)

    December 2021 by ranten21

    Average prices but definetly the food is worth it. The margiritas are on ice, and at first you may think they are a bit small, but it packs the right punch. Really like the burrito. Very filling yet not making you feel like you need more. Would come again.

  • Salsa Limón – 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Near Me - (UPDATED May 2023) - Bipper Media (5)

    December 2021 by Nomadic Adventures

    THE FOOD: definitely lives up to its reputation! The menu is Surprisingly similar to chipotle offering burrito bowls…. The flour tacos came LOADED UP so seriously, one is more than enough!! The corn tortillas are kinda smaller though so my hubby ate one of each with ease. The queso blanco is ?flavorful and the chips hella fresh!!! The only negative that I personally didn’t care for (but I’m sure many others probably love) was that the rice had corn and carrots actually cooked into it, and there’s absolutely no way of knowing/ mentally preparing yourself for that until you’re literally about to eat it… BUT it actually wasn’t terrible… I mean, I doubt I’ll intentionally order the rice again, BUT if it was the only option, I’d probably eat it with only slight indifference … if that makes any sense LololzVEAGAN options availableSODA options : Mexico sodas/ Mexico “Maine root”/ pure can sugarThe LAYOUT: Aesthetically on point, indubitably earning its Spot directly across from the modern art museum… that I’m assuming they were trying to capitalize on with “museo” being printed on multiple walls. For lack of correct jargon, the deco felt kinda progressive… like the typical big open spaced areas typical of west 7th, with just enough wall decorations that it could belong in Austin, tx…. Seating was kinda weird though, bc at first we sat at the table directly infront of the register and sauces/menu and immediately realized our mistake as soon as the next group came to order and was basically touching us, not to mention the chairs were idk like too short for the tables?… so we moved to the taller tables fixing that annoyance…BATHROOMS: clean with multiple stalls

  • Salsa Limón – 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Near Me - (UPDATED May 2023) - Bipper Media (6)

    December 2021 by Zer Surigao

    Many old memories here and still the same great taste!My wife and I used to work in West 7th in the Cultural District of Fort Worth. We remember when Salsa Limón was still a food truck and we would grab meals after work or during our lunch break. It’s great to see how far they’ve come from the food truck to now having a brick-and-mortar store still in the West 7th area with great parking on the street, as well as in the parking garage. The only reason we haven’t been back is because we moved out of Fort Worth. It was a trip down memory lane visiting the store and the food still had the great taste I remember, with also an increase of options on their menu.Food: 10/10If you haven’t had Salsa Limón, you need to try it. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but eating there always brings good vibes and great memories. I got my usual which is a pastor burrito with everything on it, and this time I added some refried onions and jalapeños on the side. I love their variety of hot sauces and I tried all four of them.My wife got two pastor tacos with rice and beans on the side for our boys to share. We also ordered their chips and guac which have just the right amount of saltiness and lime flavor.Closing thoughts:There are many great restaurants that we like to visit whenever we’re in Fort Worth - HopDoddy, Serious Pizza, and Hawaiian Bros to name a few. But getting to visit Salsa Limón, it’s definitely getting added to the rotation. Thanks for the great food and memories, Salsa Limón!

  • December 2021 by Abby Drake

    We went on a Tuesday night and were the only ones there for a while. I liked the food, especially the two green sauces and the rice. Everything else was good, but average! I had the quesadillas and we tried the queso and guacamole, which were all fine. The place is super cute and stylish and colorful. Absolutely loved the inside! Also, parking is easy! And pricing was moderate. The downside was the seating - the chairs are uncomfortable and not at a correct height for the tables. The tables were at my chest so it was harder to eat and the chairs were small. Also the tables are small and have all four legs on them so putting your legs under them isn’t easy. We ended up moving to the high top because of this and these chairs ended up being uncomfortable and hard to get out of due to lack of railing on the bottom. I say go for the food and take a pic or two, but sit somewhere else!

  • Salsa Limón – 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Near Me - (UPDATED May 2023) - Bipper Media (8)

    December 2021 by J W

    This is a cool little spot to stop by for a short period of time in my opinion. It has interesting tacos and different infused drinks ( non alcohol).. my main aggravation with this place was definitely the seating. The seats were narrow, small and hard which made the experience uncomfortable. The taco I tried was filling but a little bit on the salty side for my taste. The staff was quick but not too friendly in terms of they were just focused on getting everyone their orders understandably.


Salsa Limón Hours in Fort Worth, Texas

9 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
9 AM-9 PM

📣 About Salsa Limón, Fort Worth, Texas

Salsa Limón is a Mexican restaurant located at 925 University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107. The restaurant offers a variety of Mexican dishes, including tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. The restaurant also offers a full bar with a variety of tequilas, beers, and wines. The atmosphere is casual and inviting, with bright colors and a lively atmosphere.Salsa Limón has been rated highly by customers, with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers have praised the restaurant for its friendly staff, delicious food, and great atmosphere. The restaurant also offers a variety of specials, including happy hour and daily specials.The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and offers take-out and delivery services. The menu is reasonably priced, and the restaurant also offers catering services for special events.Overall, Salsa Limón is a great place to enjoy Mexican cuisine in a casual and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant offers delicious food, friendly service, and a great atmosphere. Customers have given the restaurant high ratings, and the restaurant is a great choice for a casual meal or a special event.

Salsa Limón features: Mexican restaurant, Bar, Restaurant, Taco restaurant, From the business : Identifies as women-owned : true , Service options : Outdoor seating : true, Curbside pickup : true, Delivery : true, Takeout : true, Dine-in : true , Highlights : Fast service : true , Popular for : Breakfast : true, Lunch : true, Dinner : true, Solo dining : true , Accessibility : Wheelchair accessible entrance : true, Wheelchair accessible parking lot : true, Wheelchair accessible restroom : true, Wheelchair accessible seating : true , Offerings : Alcohol : true, Beer : true, Cocktails : true, Coffee : true, Comfort food : true, Happy hour drinks : true, Hard liquor : true, Late-night food : true, Quick bite : true, Small plates : true, Vegetarian options : true, Wine : true , Dining options : Breakfast : true, Brunch : true, Lunch : true, Dinner : true, Catering : true, Dessert : true, Seating : true , Amenities : Bar onsite : true, Good for kids : true, Restroom : true , Atmosphere : Casual : true , Crowd : College students : true, Family-friendly : true, Groups : true, LGBTQ+ friendly : true, Tourists : true, Transgender safespace : true , Payments : Debit cards : true, NFC mobile payments : true , Other : LGBTQ+ friendly : true, Identifies as women-owned : true

Description: Tacos, tortas & other Mexican street food are the focus of this informal eatery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Salsa Limón

How is Salsa Limón rated?

Salsa Limón is rated 4.4 stars by 416 customers.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Salsa Limón accepts credit cards.

What type of business is Salsa Limón?

Salsa Limón provides the following: Mexican restaurant, Bar, Restaurant, Taco restaurant

Where is Salsa Limón located?

Salsa Limón is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

What are directions to Salsa Limón from my location?

Click here for directions to Salsa Limón.

What is the longitude and latitude of Salsa Limón?

The longitude and latitude for Salsa Limón is -97.3617449, 32.7494971 (view map)

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