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Yaniv B.

Gabriel was our technician today, and has been for about 3 years now. He is very thorough, starts off by asking if we have any concerns or seen any pests. Then he walks the entire perimeter of the house to look for and treat all pest issues, wasp nests, spider webs, etc. he also explains what he saw, and offers to come back if we have any issues between treatments. We opt out of the indoor pest control because their exterior pest treatment services have always been sufficient, but that is offered in the service we already pay for. The employees always seem friendly, we use their electronic billing system, and intend to continue using them moving forward.

Quarterly pest control treatment

pest control



Stacey L.

I've used them on two different houses and have alway been satisfied with their service. Our service technician, Dustyn Doering is very friendly, thorough and professional.

Quarterly extermination and pest control.

pest control



Jeff R.

Reliant is a very thorough, quality pest control service. Garbriel Cabrera, our service technician, is very professional, does an outstanding job and is always makiing sure the service is complete and done to our satisfaction.

Pest control.

pest control



Eva C.

We've used Reliant for some time now and have always been extremely pleased with their service. Joseph Clawson has been a great technician and has even come out for call backs to save our new technician the trip.

pest control

pest control



Shannon P.

We just wanted to commend your technician Jonathan. He is very professional and not only appears to enjoy his job, he does a fantastic job! Shannon Phillips

Yard sprayed for bugs.


pest control



Genivieve S.

Great service. Easy to make appointments, if technician is running late they always call to let you know. We have had the same technician ( Gabriel) the last few months , he is extremely thorough and explains everything he does. We will continue to use their services.

Quarterly pest control

pest control



Lisa F.

It was fine. It was prompt. They came when they said they were going to come. The control was pretty good. I found a lot of dead bugs after that, so I guess that is what you want when you have somebody spray. I don't have any problems with them; it was fine. The price was my biggest problem with them; they were expensive. I thought they were professional. This was the first time I used them.

I used Reliant Pest Management for inside and outside pest management.

pest control



Daniel A.

I signed up for there Bi-Monthly service Gabriel Carbrera came to the house explained everything that i needed to know about the service and did not push any services that he felt that were not needed, was very kind and respectful, i have had no problems with him or any of the services that they provide. I have recommended this company to my friends.....

Bi-Monthly Pest control

pest control



Silvana D.

I think the fumigation works because I didn't see any bug so far. To be honest, I didn't believe the mosquito mist will work, but really works! I can go outside nearby the house without having any mosquito bite. :)

Fumigation inside and outside the house. Complementary: Mosquito Mist

pest control



william Z.

we always get an e-mail a few days before the appointment. I wrote back and explained that there were carpenter bees making holes in the pergola and small ants coming into the kitchen through near the windows. I received a call back to verify the situation and Gabriel Cabrera provided the extra treatment for the bees and the ants. No extra charge was made; it was included in the normal quarterly fee.

quarterly pest control plus dusting for carpenter bees and extra treatment for small ants near the kitchen windows

(Video) Reliant Party Time Commercial Featuing TL Talent, Kalena Bee!

pest control



Steve L.

great as always. Gabriel Cabrera is always spot on and professional.

Monthly mosquito praying, quarterly pest spraying

lawn treatment



Robert H.

I have been using Reliant Pest Management since moving to Houston in 2014 and have been very satisfied with the service. The technician, Gabriel Cabrera, is always polite and friendly; but, more importantly, he is serious about doing a good job. He listens to my concerns and evaluates the information to identify and solve any particular problem I might be having. I would highly recommend RPM and Gabriel to any of our neighbors.

Quarterly service

pest control



Matthew W.

Gabriel from Reliant came out to perform the service. He called to confirm the service time, and later called to say he was running ahead of schedule and could come earlier, which was okay with us. Gabriel arrived on time explained the services he was providing and asked if there were any special areas of concern we want addressed. As Gabriel finished each segment of the service he would explain what he had done and what we might notice as the result of his spraying or baiting. When he finished he went over everything he had done, and asked if there was anything else we needed done. Gabriel then explained when and what we could expect from our next service appointment. I would recommend Reliant Pest Management.

Indoor and outdoor preventive pest control.

pest control



Jennifer H.

Gong was the salesperson who helped us sign up for the service. He was an outstanding employee and was very knowledgeable about the company's services. His customer service was beyond great! Such an incredible young man!! When it came time for my initial service, Gabriel Cabrera arrived and took a lot of time to explain exactly what he would do for the initial visit and then each routine service thereafter. He was professional, courteous and extremely thorough!! I had never experienced a company this thorough - Gabriel even dusted my attic. He also gave me his cell number to contact him directly if I ever had any questions or concerns. His customer service was impeccable as well. Overall, This was the best pest control company I have ever used.

signed me up for pest control and performed initial thorough service.

pest control



Brad B.

Very good experience with Reliant. Gabriel Cabrera was on time, friendly, and did a great job explaining the process.

Initial service on 1 year service contract. Gabriel Cabrera explained the services to be provided, then treated inside the house and outside. We got the mosquito treatment, as well, which included a spray of all of the eaves and soffits on the house, as well as the fences.

(Video) Area-wide Integrated Pest Management (AW-IPM)

pest control



Michael H.

Have had a very positive experience from the beginning, and it has largely been due to my technician, Gabriel Cabrera. It's obvious that he cares about his work and his customers. He made the time to come to my home recently for a same-day treatment, but that's typical for the way he does his job. If you take the time with him, he'll thoroughly explain his treatment methods, the whys and hows, and what you can expect to see. He is truly an asset to Reliant Pest Management, and it's people like him -- and the loyalty he shows me -- that makes me a loyal customer.

Performed a follow-up treatment for a spot problem I was having.

pest control



Beth C.

The overall service was very good, he even checked the glue traps that he had placed in my garage upon the last visit and removed a rodent that had been caught a day or two before he arrived. I am terrified of rodents, so needless to say, I was very grateful to him for his dedication and service.

The Technician for Reliant Pest Management inspected my home inside and out and treated various areas as needed.

pest control



Martin K.

Overall service by Bill Jackson was very good; arrived on time, was very thorough and professional; informed us what services he performed and delivered invoice upon completion of service. Very minor 'issue': used hose to fill tank to apply the Temprid SC product but did not wind hose up when finished. Again, a very minor issue--the hose reel is one of those water powered self-winding units and he might not have known how to use it. Over all, very happy with the service Bill provided and will continue to use Reliant in the future.

Sprayed exterior of house with Temprid SC; used 1/2 oz. of Delta Dust and 3 lbs of Delta Guard in flower beds. Service took approximately 30 minutes. This service is done quarterly for $92 per service.

pest control



paige G.

The quality of the service provided has been fine so far (based on one treatment). My negative review is based on the quality of their sales-people. I had a gentleman come to the door (waking me up from sleep- I work nights and sleep during the day). The conversation was quick and they said if I switched to Reliant they could offer me slightly cheaper payments than my current pest control company and that it would be a month-to-month service that I could cancel at any time (which is important for me as I focus on pet control during just the summer months and like to cancel or put my account on hold during the winter months). The guy had me quickly sign a few places on the contract and I was not given a chance to read it through. As I was still in a sleepy haze this did not seem as suspicious to me as it should have. When I call in the cancel the service, I find out that I am locked in a 1-year agreement and to cancel I have to pay 75% of the remaining contract. Basically I feel like that salesman just told me whatever I wanted to hear (lied, lied, lied) to get me to sign up knowing that I would be trapped with the contract. It is sneaky and speaks volumes about the quality of the people hired by this company. I would not recommend this company. Pest-control companies are available in droves throughout Houston and when you can have your pick I would not pick a company that lies to get you into a contract. Yes, I should have insisted that the salesman not rush off (he said he had to go to another property) so that I could read the contract, but being woken up by the doorbell and being in a sleepy haze combined with his rushed insistence that I could cancel when I wanted led me to sign a contract when I shouldn't have. Don't make my mistake. Or do, maybe (hopefully) your situation will be different.

The technician came and treated the interior (did not do attic or master bath/bed) and backyard fence perimeter. The technician was very friendly.

pest control



Murray S.

He is a super nice guy. He comes out once a month and does a fantastic job. They've just been super easy to deal with. They call ahead when they're coming. They come out and do what they're supposed to be doing. I can see on the cameras if they're doing their job. They get it done and they leave. I don't have any problems with ants or other bugs. I think their price is a little bit more than another provider. But the fact that they're doing the job, I don't mind paying it. Their price is reasonable.

He did exterior pest control around my yard, pool, patio and fence.

(Video) PGR Overview and Common Greenhouse Pests in Texas

pest control



Diane F.

We have been very satisfied with their work. They always give us a courtesy call and come in to spry when we ask for it.

They do quorterly pest spraying and managment

pest control



Marc C.

They came the next day, but I was informed by the tech that they only take care of visible insects and would not try and find the source of the infestation. The tech suggested that I call an exterminator company. (I thought they were an exterminator company.) Minutes after their treatment, I saw additional hornets in the area that they treated. I called the company, cancelled all future services and am now on Angie's list looking for better alternatives.

I've been using this provider for several years and have always had great service. I called them when I noticed a growing number of hornets in and around my backyard.

pest control



nicole L.

A great deal! The guys were very friendly, knowledgeable, and got the job done fast!

interior/exterior pest control treatment

pest control



Teresa L.

We've been customers since 2011 and are very pleased with their service and pricing. They are very quick at providing in between treatments when we experience an influx of earwigs.

Great service & in between treatments

pest control




given that they need to enter your house I was very impressed that Daniel put his boot covers on as most contractors don't think twice to walk into your house with their disgusting boots on. He was very polite and considerate (as we had two sleeping kids while he was inside) throughout the process and will be visiting regularly to perform pest control services. Will definitely be staying with them as long as they continue to provide this level of service.

They do regular visits for pest on our house

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