Pokemon Snap Cheats and Cheat Codes, Nintendo 64 (2022)

A collection of cheats for you to check out and includes unlocking Apple, unlocking Pester ball and how to get Zapdos.

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Get the following amount of points to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Apple:
Your Pokemon report totals 14,000 Points.
Unlock Pester Ball:
Your Pokemon report totals 75,000 Points.
Unlock Dash Engine:
Your Pokemon report totals 175,000 points.

Unlock Poke Flute:
When you submit your first Pokemon sign to Professor Oak after meeting him at his shack.

In the cave knock the weepinbell in the water with an apple or pester ball than victorybell will pop out! Does work.

Knock pokemon into nearby water or lava pools to make them evolve.

Here is how to get 8 charmander

When you get volcano wait till you get to the moltres egg, then look to your left there will be 2 charmander.

Throw an apple to one of them, and it will call three more. Then throw an apple to the other one the same thing will happen(it will call three more).

Play the poke flute and they will all come to you and dance take as many pictures as you can.

I got like 7,589 points for it. Good luck.


Go to the valcano levle and wait till you get to the egg dont do anything to it just run into it. Their is 2 charmanders to the left.

(Video) 6 FACTS and SECRETS from Pokemon Snap you probably didn't know

Launch apples everywhere...

They should start yelling and more charmanders should come.

Some times only one calles. If so keep lanching applestill the other one calles.

Only the first 2 call. Their should be 8 over all.



To get the cave level first activate the river level.At the end of the river
you will see a red button on the right side.You will also see something
moving throw a pester ball at it a porygon should pop out,it will jump on
the button openning the cave level.

Are you hav'n trouble getting a picture of Mew?
Well then I'm the 1 u need to look 2. All you have to do is wait for Mew 2 come.
Then throw pester balls and/or apples at him. Then his pattern will change. He'll start coming towards you.
While he's doing this, throw more balls and apples at him. Then it'll look like he's racin' u, But this time he won't be in his guardball anymore.
I hope I've helped you finish the game(BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET A PICTURE OF MEW).

all you have to do is through a apple or ball (press A or B)at mew. do that a few times and then when mew folows the glowing sphere you can take a picture of mew. to get a close pic of mew hit him with a apple to get him to stop and look at you.good luck!!!!!!

How to get Zapdos

To get Zapdos you have to get the tunnel level and then go in the tunnel then when you pass the first door throw apples close to Pickachu, then keep doing that untill you made Pickachu close to an egg.

Play the pokeflute then Pickachu will do thunderbolt on the egg and the egg will fly up into the air then Zapdos comes out and flies over to the generator and doed thunder on it.

Take good pictures of the pokemon. *an Added bounes. when you dothat go to the room where the Eletabuzz are at.

Then you will see a light blinking where the rocks and twisted meatal pipes are at take a picture of that.

It is one of the pokemon signs.

These arn't really cheats but it will help u thru the game.

(Video) (Pokémon Snap) Unlimited Pictures & Able to Stop Kart - GameShark Codes


At the start of cave there r 2 Grimer. Take a photo of each 1. Now, keep looking down coz in the next room there is a Grimer right underneath u. Thro 3 Pester-Balls at it and it will evolve in2 Muk.

( NOTE: This will NOT work with the Grimer at the other side of the room! )


In Vally, get up2 the bit with the Staryu floating in the air. Take a photo of it. It will begin 2 spin around u and follow u. When u r up 2 the whirlpool bit, the Staryu will fly in it and evolve.


How to get a cool shot of Sanslash:

Go to the Valley once you get to the spot were Sanslash is fighting Gravler hit the two Geodudes with a peasterball.

After that turn around there you should find a close shot of Sanslash

to get dugtrio in the cave level take a picture of diglitt as soon a s
you see him then pikachu will run and another diglitt will pop up take a
picture of it then pikachu will run again and another diglitt will pop up
take a picture of that one now pikachu will run to another spot and dugtrio
will pop up if you take a picture of it another one will popup unyou can take
a picture of three dugtrio.

This is for the valley.

Ya know where you can get the gyarados?

Look to the left and play the poke flute.

3 gravelers will fall down and start doing a dance
called the graveler group dance.

Even if you don't get a good picture of them you'll
still get lots of points.

TRY IT!!!!

On Pokemon Snap In the Cave level after you see Jigglepuff being "picked on"
by Koffing you will see a Zubat with a Pikachu after you get closer to the
Zubat try throwing the pester balls at it over and over. It's really hard to
hit the Zubat but after a while (might be a long while) the Zubat will drop
Pikachu!! Then Pikachu falls down. Don't worry, you can take your time
positioning the camara to take the picture of Pikachu cause he falls down
very slowly! Why? 'Cause he has about half a dozen ballons tied around him!!!
This makes him fall slowly as if the ballons were a parachute! After you get
a quick pic. of pikachu quickly play your poke`flute to release Articuno from
his egg, then he will fly over to pikachu and pikachu will be on his b..

Keep throwing balls at him to be able to take a picture.

(Video) Let's Play Pokemon Snap, Part 04: Let's Cheat Pokemon Snap!

I know how you can get an insane picture of Pikachu worth up to 8000 points! You know how Pikachu helps hatch Articuno?
Make sure Pikachu is off of Zubat. After you make Articuno hatch, use your C-buttons to look everywhere as it'll slow you down. (Get a couple good pics of Articuno in if you want.) Once you slow down, look back--Articuno should pick up Pikachu onto it's back.Fast Forward just a bit and get your camera ready. Pikachu should get real close to you before passing you. When he's close you snap your pics! Make sure you get as much of Pikachu as you can in the photo. Prof. Oak should give you a bunch of points unless you did it wrong.
If you don't understand what I'm talking about, look "8000-point Pikachu" up on youtube--they'll clarify what I just said.

When you reach rainbow cloud, Mew is the only Pokemon there. At first it is in a pink bubble that goes back and forth in front of you, but you can't take a picture of when it is in the bubble or the picture will come up as ???. To get Mew out of the pink bubble you must hit the bubble with apples or pesterballs, Mew will disappear then reappear in the pink bubble two more times so just hit it again. Then Mew will come at you in yellow bubbles and all you have to do is hit the bubble again, this time Mew will come out of the bubble and head for a bubble in front of you. This is a nice picture to get. BUT... To get an even better and closer picture you must throw pesterballs at Mew and hit Mew (apples don't work very well for they will bounce off of Mew blocking that perfect picture). Mew ..

when you get to the end of the tunnel level

you see three magitmite get them together with apples.

Throw a pester ball at them and they will evolve.You might have to try a few times but it's worth it.I got 8000.

In the River level, when you come up to Slowpoke, throw apples to make him move over to where the wooden Shellder sign is. There will be a round dirt circle.
When Slowpoke steps into the circle, he will turn around, stick his tail into the water, and will evolve into Slowbro. Good Luck.
In the Valley level, when you come up to the Staryu, take pictures and it will begin to circle you. The second Staryu will do the same.
When you come up to the whirlpool, throw some apples into it. The Staryu will go into the whirlpool, and will come out as Starmie.


Electabuzz-Easy to see

Electrode-Throw apples at to make self destruct

Kakuna-easy to see

Zubat-easy to see

Pikachu-easy to see

Zapdos-Throw apples to lead pikachu over to the egg and play the pokeflute to
make pikachu electricute the egg and zapdos will come out

Haunter-haunter is the thing that keeps going around and around in circles

Diglet-easy to see

Magikarp-easy to see

Dugtrio-keep on taking pictures of diglet every time he comes and soon a dugtrio will come up

Magnemite-throw apples by to get picture of

(Video) Pokémon Snap Collection Sealed N64 Blockbuster

When they get together take a pictureit will be a magneton.

Lapras:If you want to get an upclose picture of lapras do the following:

Go to the beach stage and keep looking at your right side(the whole time).
Each time you will see lapras but he's very far.
Keep getting atleast one picture of every lapras that you see.
And at the very moment that you can see kangaskan look at your right side
where the sea is and you will get an upclose and personal snao of Lapras

How can you mark photos ?

You have 2 throw apples at Mew before you take a pic, he will chase his sheild after awhile.

In the cave you will find a koffing chasing a jiglypuff throw a pester ball at the koffing, then there will be another pair thow another pester ball at the other koffing then at the end there will be both jiglypuff with a 3rd one on stage I got over 5000!
Good luck!

I know some pokemon snap cheats for your page. To get Charazard hit
charmeolion into the lava in the lava level. Gyradose is hit a magikarp in
the geodude level at the first mankey.He will hit it later where there are 3
gravelers there will be magikarp hit him he will go into the waterfall and
turn into gyradose. Dragonite is easy keep on throwing pesterballs in the
wirlpool. Surfing pikachu just through apples until pikachu gets to his
surfboard on the 1st level.growlithe and arcanine at the end of the lava
through pesterballs into the lava pits a the end of the level. Slowbro lure
slowpoke with apples to the sheldure sign then he will fish with his tail and
turn into slowbro.
That is what i got. bye

Flying Pikachu - Cave Level. After you have gotten Pikachu down from the Zubat[it will be balloon pikachu], play the Poké Flute to get the Articuno out of the egg. When you go into the room where the Jigglypuffs are singing (if you helped them out earlier in the level), turn around quickly and you should see Pikachu flying around on Articuno. Snap some pictures of that.

in the river level to get a gyarados this is what you have to do the first magikarp you see speed up with your throtle and throw a couple pester balls and he will fly backward and be caught by mankey and then mankey would throw him away way away then when you get to the waterfall and the three golems look on the right side from the golems and the magikarp will be their then throw a pester ball at it then he will go into the water then into the waterfall and evolve into a gyrados and then pop-out (remeber take a picture or all be lost)if you want extra points off the picture throw a pester ball and he will fire a hydro pump out-wourd.

To get dragonite you need to go to the place with the squrrtle in the beginning and soon you will go to this one spot where you will hopefully see dragonair or dratini which are quite rare and you have to throw an apple at it.
To get arcanine you go to the volcano and soon near the end look to the very right where the craters are and a growlithe should be somewhere over there hit it in a crater of lava and it will evolve just like charmeleon does into charizard.

You know how Snorlax is asleep in the Beach course? Well, use your Pokeflute near it and it'll wake up. However, these pics won't be worth all that much. So, set your Pokeflute to the third song, get close, and snap! Try to get as much of Snorlax in as you can. When you show this to Professor Oak, he will give you 1,200 points for the pose! If you get close, you will get good size, adding more points, and get it in the middle of the frame to double the score (obviously). So, you just took a Snorlax picture worth over 2,400 points!
Also, near the beginning of the course, there is a Pikachu standing there happily. However, if you lead it to the surfboard, when you snap it, it will be a Surfboard Pikachu! Also, after you make Scyther come out of the grass, there will be 2 Pikachu..

Do you remember the egg things in the Tunnel, Volcano, and Cave? To hatch the yellow egg, throw an apple at Pikachu when it's in front of the egg for Zapdos, and knock the white egg with a fire pattern into the lava with an apple or Pester Ball for Moltres, and the 2 Jynx will hatch the sky blue egg for Articuno.

In the river canyon area, there are 4 Mankeys throughout. The first Mankey is just before the fist set of Geodudes. The second Mankey is on the left side of the river just after you see the first Golem. You will see the third Mankey on your right just before you go down the steep hill. The last Mankey is on the right(it's the one you have to hit with the squirtle to get to the next area). You must use the pester ball to knock down the first three Mankeys then use the squirtle to knock down the last Mankey. When you get to the button that opens the gate to the next area, you will see a Mankey with a baseball hat on.
Hitting the Mankeys with the pester ball is very hard to do and I was only able to get the Mankey with the hat one time. So good luck and happy shooting.

(Video) Cara cheat game² Nintendo64 di Android ! (Emulator) Pokemon Stadium 2


Is Mewtwo in Pokémon Snap 64? ›

There is no Mewtwo in the N64 game but you can find Mew and take a picture of it.

How do you get zapdos in Pokémon Snap 64? ›

You need some Pokemon Food and the PokeFlute to get Zapdos. In the room after the first door, lure Pikachu towards the large egg by throwing apples. Once it is close enough, play the PokeFlute and Pikachu's sparks will break the egg, revealing Zapdos.

Are all 151 Pokémon in snap? ›

Pokémon Snap was originally revealed as a Nintendo 64DD game. The game features 63 of the Red and Blue original generation of 151 Pokémon.

How do you get food in Pokémon Snap N64? ›

Pokemon Food

Pokémon food is obtained in the tunnel stage after your Pokémon report equals about 14,000 points. This requires most of the Pokemon in the tunnel and beach stages. You can use Pokémon food to hit Pokémon and knock them out or the lure them to certain areas.

Where is Mew in Pokemon Snap? ›

Mew appears at the very beginning of the Founja Jungle (Night) course in New Pokemon Snap after completing the story. As soon as the course starts, look behind you and use the Melody player. A pink ball will appear. Throw Fluffruit at it to make Mew appear.

How do you get articuno in Pokemon Snap 64? ›

How To Find Articuno (And Wake Up Jynx) in Pokémon Snap - YouTube

How do you hatch eggs in Pokemon Snap 64? ›

Start playing the Poke Flute after Pikachu gets reasonably close to this mysterious egg. Pikachu's lightning will hatch the egg. Get your camera focused, aim at the egg as it flies upwards, and snap a photo as the egg hatches for great points.

How do you unlock rainbow cloud? ›

How To Get The *RAINBOW CLOUD* In Prodigy!!! - YouTube

How do you get gyarados in Pokemon Snap? ›

Gyarados appears after you hit a hidden Crystabloom behind one of the waterfalls with an Illumina Orb. You can hit this Crystabloom with an Illumina Orb even at Research Level 1.

Are there Legendary Pokemon in Pokémon Snap? ›

There are a total of 10 legendary Pokémon for you to find and photograph in New Pokémon Snap. Some legendary Pokémon appear naturally throughout a specific course, while others can only be summoned by fulfilling a set of requirements.

Is Mimikyu in Pokémon Snap? ›

Related: I Can't Believe New Pokemon Snap Still Doesn't Have ShiniesMewtwo, Lucario, Rayquazza, Garchomp, Mimikyu, and Greninja are all frequently mentioned when it comes to 'most popular Pokemon'. None of them feature in the photography sim.

How many levels are in Pokémon Snap n64? ›

The game features seven levels: Beach, Tunnel, Volcano, River, Cave, Valley, and the special course "Rainbow Cloud". However, the staggered acquisition of accessories ensures that the player must re-explore the courses to discover new material.

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon Snap 64? ›

To wake Snorlax, you'll want to throw Fluffruit into its open mouth (B button) while also playing a Melody (R button). Basically, feed and annoy Snorlax until it wakes up. We threw four Fluffruit into Snorlax's mouth and kept replaying the Melody to wake Snorlax and it worked.

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon Snap n64? ›

Taking a picture won't do anything - Oak won't even be able to identify the Pokemon. You'll need to return with some items. A Pester Ball will wake Snorlax up long enough to grab a picture of it scratching its tummy, but the PokeFlute's tunes will wake it up fully.

How do you unlock the cave in Pokemon Snap n64? ›

Unlock the Cave Stage

Cruise near to the end and you will find a brown wall and a switch to your right when you close in on the exit. if you look closely, you will see a Porygon rustling in chameleon form in the wall. Hit him with a pester ball and you can unlock the Cave.

How do you get a 4 star Mew? ›

How To Get 1 To 4 DIAMOND STARS For Mew! New Pokemon Snap!

How do you unlock Mew? ›

Players will have to complete special missions in order to collect slates and solve a puzzle. Once players collect all six slates they can now unlock Mew at no cost at all.

How do you unlock Suicune in Pokemon Snap? ›

To make Suicune appear, you need to hit the Jynx on its back with an Illumina Orbs until she throws her hands in the air. This should only take you one Ilumina Orb and a bit of practice to ensure you hit her correctly. Throw Illumina Orbs till Jynx throws her arms in the air.

How do you get Muk in Pokemon Snap 64? ›

How To Find Muk in Pokémon Snap - YouTube

How do you get growlithe in Pokemon Snap 64? ›

How To Find Growlithe and Arcanine in Pokémon Snap - YouTube

How do you hit the switch in the valley? ›

How to hit the Valley Switch. At the beginning of the level, throw pesterballs at the squirtles to make them leave the river. Further down the river you'll find the squirtles sunning themselves at the base of a steep hill. At the top is a mankey.

How many levels are in the New Pokemon Snap? ›

There are 24 levels in New Pokemon Snap that players need to unlock in order to complete the game. Each level can be unlocked by upgrading your Research Level, which is directly connected to the number of Pokemon and alternate paths that you discover during your gameplay.

Is growlithe in Pokemon Snap? ›

For a good picture, snap it as it is shaking the embers off. If you're really lucky, you can get three Arcanine to appear for the Same Pokemon bonus.
1 more row

What are mounts in Prodigy? ›

Mounts are equipment that your avatar can ride on (for example, the Fluffy Cloud the player receives upon purchase of their first membership) that usually takes the form of a cloud.

How do you unlock mighty wide river? ›

The Mightywide River (Day) course will be automatically unlocked once you update New Pokémon Snap. On this course you'll encounter new Pokémon like Psyduck, Feraligatr and Tropius. To unlock the River (Night) course, you need to reach Research Level 2 on the River (Day) course by earning 45,000 Expedition Points.

Where is Zeraora in New Pokemon Snap? ›

Zeraora can be found on both the Badlands (Day) and Badlands (Night) courses, but, to photograph it, you must first unlock these new areas and reach specific Research Levels.

Can Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Snap? ›

You Cannot Evolve Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap

Unfortunately, New Pokemon Snap does not let you evolve any Pokemon. Despite this, you can find some Pokemon and their evolutions but often not the full evolutionary line.

How do you get Charizard in Pokemon Snap? ›

How To Get 1 To 4 DIAMOND STARS For Charizard! New Pokemon Snap!

Is there a ditto in Pokemon Snap? ›

Ditto is a shape-shifting Pokemon that can take the form of any other Pokemon. He is quite unique, with his goofy face and ability to hide as other Pokemon. It would have been great to throw an apple at a Pokemon, only to see it was a Ditto morphing. Unfortunately, that is not happening in New Pokemon Snap.

How do you wake up Lugia in Pokemon Snap? ›

To wake Lugia up, you need to hit the two Crystablooms surrounding it with Illumina Orbs. The first, and the easiest to hit, can be found right next to Lugia's head. The second Crystabloom is located on a ledge above Lugia.

Is Wooloo in Pokemon Snap? ›

Of course there's no way that everyone's favorite critter will make an appearance even with the variety of locales to choose from, but across the entire game there are only eight Pokémon from the newest installment. None of those are Wooloo, which I consider a personal affront.

How do you get shaymin in Pokemon Snap? ›

In order to get Shaymin to appear in the Illumina Spot, you need to throw an Illumina Orb at the top of an edge cliff that has a bit of grass on it. The cliff edge is to your left and Meganium walks past it during the course. If you throw an Illumina Orb at it, Shaymin will run out to the edge and hang around.

How long is Pokémon Snap n64? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Pokémon Snap is about 4 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 6 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What happens when you complete the photodex? ›

Complete the Photodex

You can save a photo for one-star, two-star, three-star, and four-star ratings.

How do you get pester balls? ›

In Pokémon Snap, Professor Oak gives Pester Balls to Todd Snap after he obtains a total score of 72,500 points for all of the pictures in the Pokémon Report. They help him flush out wild Pokémon, provoke an irritated reaction, and sometimes even knock them out of the way.

How do you get lapras in Pokemon Snap n64? ›

How To Find Lapras (And Get Great Pictures!) in Pokémon Snap

How do you get Snorlax dash? ›

Hit Snorlax with an Illumina Orb to make it run towards you! For a four-star photo, and to complete the Snorlax Dash request, all you have to do is take a picture of Snorlax running towards you.

Where do you get lapras in Pokemon Snap? ›

In the new Pokemon Snap game, Lapras can be easily spotted at the Maricopia Reef location.

How do you unlock the beach night in Pokemon Snap? ›

Unlocked after reaching Research Level 2 on Snowfields (Night).

Is there butterfree in Pokemon Snap? ›

9 Butterfree

Butterfree is one of the most famous Bug-type Pokemon in existence. It was one of Ash's signature Pokemon in the original series, and it's also a very pretty Pokemon capable of emitting sparkling dust that can really add to the razzle-dazzle of Butterfree. It's an odd omission for New Pokemon Snap.

How do you get past the river in Pokemon Snap? ›

If you hit it with Pokémon Food or a Pester Ball, you can get it to jump up in the air. A shot of it completely out of the water will give you the most points. Near the end of the course a Cloyster or two will float up out of the water.

How do I unlock Jolteon? ›

To evolve Eevee into a Jolteon, players should change the name of their Eevee to Sparky by going to the Pokemon's profile page and pressing on the little pencil icon. Once players have saved up 25 Eevee Candy, they can hit the evolve button and the Eevee will transform into a Jolteon.

How do you unlock Outaway cave? ›

Like other areas in the game, Outaway Cave can be unlocked by reaching Research Level 2 in one of New Pokemon Snap's other areas; specifically, Shiver Snowfield's Night variant. This is done by taking higher quality photos of the Pokémon found in the area to increase your overall score at the end of the route.

How do you unlock the snowfields in Pokemon Snap? ›

Throw an Illumina Orb at the Crabominable as it's powering up to punch the tree. This will knock snow onto the Abomasnow, and disturb a hiding Froslass. Photograph the Froslass. This will open up another branching path to the right, for both the Snowfields (Day) and (Night) Course.

Can you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Snap? ›

Unfortunately, Mewtwo itself cannot currently be found in New Pokemon Snap, at least as far as players are aware of, although it's possible Mewtwo may get added in a future update. It took a long time for Mewtwo to become available in Pokemon Go and now it's one of the strongest Pokemon in the game.

Does the New Pokemon Snap have Mewtwo? ›

One Pokemon that isn't included in this bunch however is the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. Mew appears in both the original Pokemon Snap and New Pokemon Snap, although it takes on a lesser role in New Pokemon Snap. Its original role, however, could play a part in a special DLC where it can lead players to Mewtwo.

How do you unlock rainbow cloud? ›

How To Get The *RAINBOW CLOUD* In Prodigy!!! - YouTube

How do you unlock Legendary Pokémon in snap? ›

Legendary Pokemon Are Unlocked Post Game

With the exception of Shaymin's appearance in the Park Illumina Spot, Legendary Pokemon will only show up after clearing the main story. After clearing the final Illumina Spot and viewing the credits roll, you can revisit older levels to begin finding Legendaries!

Are there any Legendary Pokémon in Pokemon Snap? ›

There are a total of 10 legendary Pokémon for you to find and photograph in New Pokémon Snap. Some legendary Pokémon appear naturally throughout a specific course, while others can only be summoned by fulfilling a set of requirements.

How do you get rare Pokémon in Pokemon Snap? ›

ALL Legendary Pokemon In New Pokemon Snap & Where To Find ...

What's the rarest Pokémon in Pokemon Snap? ›

As the game's "final boss", Mew can be considered the hardest Pokemon to find in Pokemon Snap. Once its stage is unlocked, Mew is unmissable, but doing so requires the player to find the "Pokemon Signs". Some of these are well hidden, including one requiring the Zapdos sequence mentioned above.

How do you unlock Lugia in Pokemon Snap? ›

How to find Lugia in New Pokemon Snap?
  1. Players will have to finish the main storyline once before attempting to find Lugia.
  2. Players will need to enter the Undersea portion of the Lental Seafloor and look for a Clawitzer.
  3. Using an Illumina Orb on the Clawitzwer will open up an alternate path.
18 May 2021

What are mounts in Prodigy? ›

Mounts are equipment that your avatar can ride on (for example, the Fluffy Cloud the player receives upon purchase of their first membership) that usually takes the form of a cloud.


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