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If a pest is beginning to take over your household, there is no time to hesitate. Pests can multiply quickly, in our warm Ocoee climate, and the damage and bother that is likely to result will certainly out-weigh the cost of pest control services in Ocoee. That is, when you choose Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control as your service provider! Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control provides pest control to residents of Ocoee and Central Florida at a fraction of the cost that other, big-name companies charge—and their services are guaranteed to be more effective.

Pest Sightings are Unsettling and Upsetting

Pests adore the ideal climate and the rich sources of food and water they find in Ocoee. Once they make their way into your home, it’s game on! Your first reaction is to want them gone as quickly as possible. Whether you need cockroach removal, silverfish extermination, pest control for ants, or a good spider exterminator, Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control is your top source of residential pest control and a premiere choice among top rated pest control companies.

Walking into your kitchen and being confronted by a hissing German cockroach is enough to make anyone realize they have a roach infestation and that they need expert roach exterminator services, along with a good roach prevention plan. A long line of marching sugar ants is another unsettling sight that no one wants to see in their Ocoee kitchen or in any room of the home. You want to know how to get rid of ants, and you want it to happen fast! Any ant infestation is immediate cause for wanting good ant pest control from a professional ant exterminator.

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Ocoee Pest Control | 407-697-3990 | Pest Control Services in Ocoee FL (2)If you step out into your yard and see a nest of wasps, you want a trustworthy plan of wasp removal, wasp nest removal and a workable plan of wasp pest control. The same holds true for bees – you want to know how to get rid of bees as quickly and effectively as possible. You’ll find a myriad of quality pest control services and pet safe pest control delivered to your doorstep from Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control.

A Wide Variety of Complete Pest Control Tasks Provided by Experts

Whether pests have begun to bite or sting, or they’re simply a nuisance, you’ll find that the experts from Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control provide a number of excellent pest control options. These include:

  1. Bug Control:

    For any type of bugs, including those you can’t readily identify

  2. Garden Pest Control:

    For bugs like chinch bugs, ants, fleas, crickets, beetles and burrowing insects. Getting rid of garden pests along with general pest control is a great way to keep pests from gaining access to the indoors

  3. Ant Control:

    Your experts in fire ant control, carpenter ant control and any other ant problem, ant prevention or ant removal service you may need. The goal is to get rid of ants using the expertise and proven methods of a true ant pest control service

  4. Roach Control:

    Performed by a professional roach exterminator. Pest control for roaches is a challenge, but it’s one that the specialists from Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control are up for. Roaches carry diseases, bacteria, dirt and allergens that have detrimental effects no matter where roaches take up residence. Get rid of cockroaches, whether they’re German roaches or any of the many different kinds of roaches, for a healthier environment

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  5. Ocoee Pest Control | 407-697-3990 | Pest Control Services in Ocoee FL (3)Spider Pest Control:

    You may have seen recent news reports of the severe reactions people can have to spider bites. This makes effective spider removal and spider control an absolute necessity. Home spider control delivered by experts is the only way you can be sure that you’ll get rid of spiders

  6. Flea Pest Control:

    Flea removal done by a professional flea exterminator is your best way to keep fleas from being a concern to people or to the beloved pets in your Ocoee home. Not treating a flea problem can lead to illnesses like typhus and tapeworms. In very rare instances, fleas can carry Bubonic Plague, making flea control a critically important service

  7. Hornet Removal and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Wasps:

    Wasps and hornets can sting repeatedly and they will if they’re provoked. The safest way to deal with them is effective and safe pest control wasps and hornets need to have used on them by an expert wasp exterminator. People with known allergies should be especially careful and should always rely on professional pest solutions

  8. Affordable Pest Control by a Pest Control Expert:

    Almost any other type of bug that can enter your home or infiltrate your yard space, including termites, can be treated by the experts from Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control, a top-rated home pest control service. If you’ve seen it, just do your best to describe the bug to us and we’ll do our best to eliminate it

The one type of bug we are not equipped to handle at the moment is bedbugs, making it necessary to find a company that has this specific, highly specialized service listed within the scope of their expertise. There are several do it yourself methods and insecticide solutions you can try using to curb or eliminate a challenging bedbug problem. When they’re found and caught early, they are highly treatable. At the moment, however, we don’t specifically treat areas of the home for bedbugs.

Harm Insects Can Cause Making Expert Pest Management Services a Necessity

Ocoee Pest Control | 407-697-3990 | Pest Control Services in Ocoee FL (4)Professional pest removal and expert pest services quickly become your ally in preventing the harmful diseases that can be carried by insects. Pest control at home is best done by professionals who are well-versed in the methods and insecticides to use to effectively eliminate a pest problem using pest control spray or other quality pest spray or powder solutions. Your highly qualified home exterminator will know the best ways to approach your specific requirements for home insect control needs.

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Insect pests can carry a wide array of harmful diseases ranging from allergies to flu-like illnesses including West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease, to incredibly debilitating illnesses like Malaria and the Zika Virus. No one wants to take a risk of contracting an illness or exposing their loved ones to these risks. Quality pest control can help to lower or eliminate these risks.

Special Attention to Cockroach Control and the Quest to Eliminate Ants

When it comes to pests, cockroaches create a specially pressing concern due to their ability to carry bacteria, dirt and diseases and their hearty nature that makes any quest to get rid of roaches especially challenging. Once you’ve discovered a cockroach infestation outdoors or cockroaches in house areas, your first thought will probably turn to how to get rid of roaches. Once you’ve found an expert and a good cockroach exterminator and roach killer solution, you will probably find yourself inquiring about a good plan of cockroach prevention.

The expert pest control ants need to truly get rid of them is also available from Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control. One ant that is especially destructive to Ocoee homes is the carpenter ant. Once you’ve seen these pests and the destruction they are capable of, you’ll realize the importance of carpenter ants pest control and carpenter ants removal done as quickly and seamlessly as possible. A professional pest exterminator is exactly what you need to end your problem for good.

Get on the Fast Track to a Pest-Free Environment

Ocoee Pest Control | 407-697-3990 | Pest Control Services in Ocoee FL (5)Your pros from the A+ rated pest extermination service, Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control, are happy to deliver a free pest inspection and free estimate to put you on the fast track to a pest-free home and yard space. When you search for expert pest control near me and pest control in my area, it is our sincere hope that the name of Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control comes up at the top of your search for pest control companies near me. The search for an exterminator or for an exterminator near me is easily accomplished once you find Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control.

Pest control companies specializing in home pest control and exterminator pest control are a truly valuable ally in your quest for a healthier, pest-free home. All pest control provided by the best exterminator should be done by a bug and pest control specialist with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and with years of experience. Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control fulfills all these requirements and more. Among bug control companies, they always rise to the top. Your search for the best pest control and the best pest control company stops here every time.

We Deliver True Results

For the best results from a bug spray company and for the most complete pest control, you can’t do better than the specialists from Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control. You won’t find more affordable pest control anywhere either. Our goal and yours is that your only worry will be whether you have enough food and drinks for your gathering, without a care in the world about insect pests. We’re proud to partner with you so you’ll have a cleaner, pest-free home and a healthier yard space to enjoy.

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How can this small, local company offer more effective pest control in Ocoee than anyone else?

Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control is your most successful option because they focus on success. Just like with their lawn care services, their Ocoee pest control treatments are targeted and catered to the situation that you are dealing with. There are several key pillars to their approach, when it comes to pest control, or termite control and a few of them are as follows:

Ocoee Pest Control | 407-697-3990 | Pest Control Services in Ocoee FL (6)Offer personal service: The first key to a successful treatment plan is the dedication of your individual service provider. A lot of large pest control companies do not offer personal service, and they see each of their clients as a file in a folder and a regularly scheduled appointment. They even see their own employees the same way, and your treatments aren’t likely to be performed by the same person each time. This is not the way Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control works. Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control keeps a small, committed staff of high quality professionals, each of whom is invested in the company and their clients. You will know your individual Ocoee pest control specialist, and you will be able to easily communicate with them if necessary.

Offer reasonable prices: Many people fight with DIY pest control simply because the cost of Ocoee pest control services is so high. The numbers that they are seeing from large corporations don’t appear to be worth it, considering every other expense that they are already dealing with. Give Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control a call today, though, and you’re sure to breathe a very heavy sigh of relief—quality treatment is available at a reasonable price! Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control is not over-sized and over-expensed, so they can charge fair prices and bring Ocoee pest control service to more of their neighbors.

Use great products: Products are extremely important, when it comes to any kind of treatment. Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control carries the top products in the business and their staff are adept at administering those products safely. Some companies will simply use the strongest, most kill-all treatment and blast it around the premises and into your home. Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control takes the care to administer treatments with purpose, targeting the most high-impact areas and lessening exposure within the home while providing the fastest results.

Know your bug: Knowledge of the best methods to eradicate particular species of insects and pests is another key element to successful termination. When your Ocoee exterminator is aware of these methods and can identify your pest, you will have a quicker and more satisfying pest control service experience. There will be no guess work and no do-overs—these guys know their stuff!

Ocoee Pest Control | 407-697-3990 | Pest Control Services in Ocoee FL (7)Know your situation: Finally, the best part about using Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control’s pest control in Ocoee is that it will be customized to your particular situation. Your home will be carefully inspected and your treatment will be tailored to match your issues. Many exterminators treat each home the same, following a 1-2-3 program and hoping that it will work. This is not the fastest means to an end. The fastest means to an end involves a thorough evaluation and a customized treatment.

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So, got bugs? Tomorrow is too late to get started on your services! Depending on the pest that you have, you could be getting deeper and deeper into an infestation nightmare. Call Custom Green Lawns and Pest Control today to acquire affordable, customized services and get rid of those pests quickly and safely.

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