Electronic Scarecrow (2023)

(Video) Making a DIY Solar Scarecrow For Farm Protection | Bird and Animal Repeller

The Electronic Scarecrow is a sonic gun invented by Mickey Mouse.


Invented by Mickey Mouse to protect his backyard from voracious crows, the Electronic Scarecrow is a gun-like device which projects a high frequency of sound, inaudible to humans, but unbearable to birds. After Torgel enlisted a Scarecrow-armed Mickey to help with Zoa's Airiodactyl infestation, it was discovered that, while the Scarecrow do not work on the Airiodactyl, their frequencies do disrupt the internal circuits of Gravicycles. Thus, Mickey entrusted Arbol with the weapon so as to protect the Sarx Trees from Doeg until Gravicycles were officially outlawed.

(Video) Vensmile Scarecrow Animal Repeller Gadget Review

Behind the scenes

The Electronic Scarecrow appears in the 1980 story Mission to Planet Zoa.

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