Disease-resistant cabbage varieties (2022)

  • Information is from seed catalogs for 2018, 2020 and 2022. Occasionally varieties are listed as resistant without the disease(s) specified.
  • Follow links below to tables with more details about these varieties including seed companies marketing them and whether organic seed is available, as well as variety resistance to disorders.
  • Prefer to view disease-resistant variety information in spreadsheets?Download disease-resistant variety spreadsheets from this Box folder.

Chinese cabbage

  • Allred:Resistant to disorders
  • Emiko: Black Leaf Spot, Baterial Soft Rot, Club Root, Fusarium Yellows, Pepper Spot, Tip Burn
  • Fun Jen: Resistant to disorders
  • Green Rocket: Resistant to disorders
  • Green Lance (Asian): Resistant to disorders
  • Hon Tsai Tai: Resistant to disorders
  • Jade Pagoda: Resistant to disorders
  • Maruba Santoh: Resistant to disorders
  • Monument: Resistant to disorders
  • Pacifiko: Black Leaf Spot, Bacterial Soft Rot, Club Root, Fusarium Yellows, Pepper Spot, Tip Burn
  • Pak Choi White Stem: Resistant to disorders
  • Shuko: Resistant to disorders

View Chinese cabbage details here.

Green Cabbage

  • Acclaim: Fusarium Yellows
  • Adaptor: Fusarium Yellows
  • Amtrak: Black Leaf Speck, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Artost:Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Axioma RZ: Fusarium Yellows
  • Bartolo: Black Leaf Speck, Tip Burn
  • Bellicose:Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Benelli: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Bloktor: Fusarium Yellows
  • Blue Dynasty F1:Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Blue Vantage F1:Black Leaf Speck, Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Bobcat F1: Black Leaf Speck, Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Botran: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Bourbon: Resistant to disorders
  • Bravo F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Bronco: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Bruno: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows
  • Cabton: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Capture: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows
  • Caraflex F1:Fusarium Yellows
  • Cecile: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Celebrate: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows
  • Charmant F1: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Cheers F1: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows
  • Chun Yeon Gold: Black Rot, Downy Mildew
  • Conqueror:Fusarium Yellows
  • Crystal Vantage: Fusarium Yellows
  • Decurion: Fusarium Yellows
  • Deuce F1: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Drago: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Early Jersey Wakefield (HL): Resistant to disorders
  • Early Thunder F1: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Emblem: Fusarium Yellows
  • Escazu: Fusarium Yellows
  • Excalibur: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows
  • Expat: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Expect: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Farao F1: Tip Burn
  • Fast Vantage F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Field Glory: Fusarium Yellows
  • Flexima: Fusarium Yellows
  • Gallican: Fusarium Yellows
  • Golden Acre: Fusarium Yellows
  • Grand Vantage F1: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Greenboy F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Greencup: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Green Mariner:Resistant to disorders
  • Green Presto: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows
  • Grepala F2: Fusarium Yellows
  • Gunma: Black Leg, Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Hazelton: Bottom Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Hinova: Black Leaf Speck, Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Huron F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Impala: Thrips
  • January King: Black Leg, Black Rot
  • Jubilee: Fusarium Yellows
  • K-K Cross Improved F1: Resistant to disorders
  • K-Y Cross F1: Resistant to disorders
  • Kaitlin: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Kannami: Black Rot,Fusarium Yellows
  • Kilmaro F1:Resistant to disorders
  • Loughton: Fusarium Yellows
  • Lucky Ball: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Mandy: Fusarium Yellows
  • Megaton F1: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Megenor: Fusarium Yellows
  • Monterrey:Black Rot
  • Moreton: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Mucsuma RZ: Fusarium Yellows
  • Multikeeper: Black Leaf Speck, Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Nixon: Tip Burn
  • Novator: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • O-S Cross: Resistant to disorders
  • Pacifica:Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Padoc: Fusarium Yellows
  • Paradox: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Passat: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Pennant F1: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Platinum Dynasty F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Primo Vantage F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Princeton: Fusarium Yellows
  • Promise:Fusarium Yellows
  • Quick Start F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Quisor: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Ramada: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Reaction: Fusarium Yellows
  • Report:Club Root (Race 0, 1, 3), Fusarium Yellows
  • Royal Vantage F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Saratoga: Black Leaf Speck, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Satie: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • SG-10: Disease resistance not specified
  • Sircon: Fusarium Yellows
  • Sherrington: Fusarium Yellows
  • Shoshudori: Disease resistance not specified
  • Stellar Vantage F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Stonehead F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Storage #4: Fusarium Yellows
  • SuperStar F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • SuperStor 112: Fusarium Yellows
  • Taurus: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Tekila: Club Root, Fusarium Yellows
  • Tendersweet: Resistant to disorders
  • Thunderhead F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Tiara: Resistant to disorders
  • Topma RZ: Fusarium Yellows
  • Transam: Black Leaf Speck, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Tribute: Black Leg, Black Rot
  • Tropic Giant Hybrid:Resistant to disorders
  • Tropicana F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows
  • Tundra:Resistant to disorders
  • Typhoon: Fusarium Yellows
  • Vantage Point F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Viceroy F1:Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Xtreme Vantage F1: Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Zacapa: Fusarium Yellows
  • Zerlina: Black Leaf Speck, Tip Burn

View Green cabbage details here.

Napa Cabbage

  • Barrel Head Hybrid:Club Root, Downy Mildew
  • Bilko F1: Black Speck, Club Root, Fusarium Yellows
  • Blues F1: Alternaria Leaf Spot, Black Rot, Black Speck, Baterical Soft Rot, Downy Mildew, Virus
  • China Express: Black Speck, Downy Mildew, Tip Burn
  • China Gold: Club Root, Tip Burn
  • China King F1: Tip Burn
  • China Star: Black Leaf Spot, Black Speck, Tip Burn
  • Emiko F1: Club Root, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Haku:Downy Mildew, Tip Burn
  • Jazz: Alternaria Leaf Spot, Baterical Soft Rot, Club Root, Virus
  • Minuet: Black Speck, Bottom Rot, Downy Mildew
  • Norang Bom: Downy Mildew
  • Optiko:Resistant to disorders
  • Rubicon: Resistant to disorders
  • Spring Crisp: Club Root
  • Tender Gold: Resistant to disorders
  • Wawa Tsai: Club Root
  • Yuki: Black Leaf Spot, Black Speck, Club Root, Pepper Spot, Tip Burn

View Napa cabbage details here.

Oriental Cabbage

  • Bopak (Pak Choi): Resistant to disorders
  • Ching-Chiang (Pak Choi): Resistant to disorders
  • Early Mizuna (Japanese): Resistant to disorders
  • Feng Qing Choi: Resistant to disorders
  • Green Fortune Choi: Resistant to disorders
  • Joi Choi (Pak Choi): Resistant to disorders
  • Kyoto Mizuna: Resistant to disorders
  • Li Ren Choi (Pak Choi): Disease resistance not specified
  • Mei Qing Choi (Baby Pak Choi): Resistant to disorders
  • Miz America Mizuna (Asian): Resistant to disorders
  • Mizuna Early (Japanese): Resistant to disorders
  • Osaka Purple (Mustard): Resistant to disorders
  • Prize Choy: Resistant to disorders
  • Raichu Baby Pack Choi:Resistant to disorders
  • Senposai: Resistant to disorders
  • Shuko: Resistant to disorders
  • Suzuko: Club Root, Fusarium Yellows
  • Tatsoi: Black Leg, Black Rot
  • Toy Choy: Disease resistance not specified
  • Vivid Choi Pac Choy: Resistant to disorders
  • Wine Color (Pak Choi): Resistant to disorders
  • Yokatta-Na (Asian): Resistant to disorders

View Oriental cabbage details here.

Red Cabbage

  • Alfaro: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Amarant:Resistant to disorders
  • Azurro: Black Leaf Spot, Tip Burn
  • Bandolero: Tip Burn
  • Buscaro: Tip Burn
  • Cairo: Black Leaf Spot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Color Up Purple Hybrid:Resistant to disorders
  • Kalibos:Resistant to disorders
  • Kosaro: Fusarium Yellows
  • Lodero:Club Root (Race 0, 1, 2)
  • Mercedez F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Omero: Black Leaf Spot, Tip Burn
  • Red Acre: Resistant to disorders
  • Red Dragon: Tip Burn
  • Red Dynasty F1:Black Rot, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Red Express: Resistant to disorders
  • Red Jewel F1: Tip Burn
  • Roadie: Fusarium Yellows
  • Romanov:Tip Burn
  • Rondale: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Ruby Ball Improved:Resistant to disorders
  • Ruby Perfection: Resistant to disorders
  • Scarlet: Black Rot
  • Super Red 115 F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Super Red 80: Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Travero F1:Resistant to disorders

View Red cabbage details here.

Savoy Cabbage

  • Alcosa: Downy Mildew, Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Clarissa: Tip Burn, White Spot
  • Deadon F1: Fusarium Yellows
  • Des Vertus Savoy: Resistant to disorders
  • Estrema RZ: Fusarium Yellows
  • Famosa F1: Downy Mildew, White Spot
  • Flexima: Fusarium Yellows
  • Marissa:Fusarium Yellows
  • Melissa:Fusarium Yellows, Tip Burn
  • Miletta: Tip Burn
  • Produsa: Resistant to disorders
  • Savoy Ace: Fusarium Yellows
  • Savoy Blue: Fusarium Yellows
  • Savoy Faire: Tip Burn
  • Savoy King F1: Tip Burn
  • Serpentine: Tip Burn
  • Wirosa: Tip Burn
  • Yukina Savoy: Resistant to disorders

View Savoy cabbage details here.

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