Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List – Solo PVE, PVP, and Dungeons Ranked (2023)

Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List – Solo PVE, PVP, and Dungeons Ranked (1)

July 8, 2022

Which class should you choose in Diablo Immortal? That’s the ultimate question for fans first jumping into Blizzard’s new mobile game, but if you want to do a little reading before you start playing this tier list should help sort the F tier flops from the S tier saviours.

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At launch, Diablo Immortal offers players six different classes to choose from with the promise of more classes to join the game in the future. Ahead of launch pcgamesn asked Diablo Immortal game director Wyatt Cheng about possible new character classes coming to Diablo Immortal, to which the director proudly confirmed, “we got plans”. One is likely the previously leaked Blood Knight class, but we bet there’s more coming too.

So this tier list is likely to change in the future, but for the time being, it’s our definitive rankings for Solo PVE Content and PVP

Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List – Solo PVE, PVP, and Dungeons Ranked (2)

Diablo Immortal Best Class Video Guide

If you want to get really in-depth we suggest having a watch of the below guide from Diablo expert Rhykker in his Diablo Immortal Class Guide. It’s a useful breakdown review for beginners on how to pick what class to play. If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare we certainly suggest giving it a watch. Enjoy!

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Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List For Solo PVE

S Tier
A Tier
B TierMonk

What is the best class Diablo Immortal? That’s a pretty broad question, but if we narrow it down to look at just solo play, which includes farming the game’s Bounties, Elder Rifts, Lairs, and Side Quests then it makes it much simpler. These solo activities will form the majority of your time playing the game and being able to complete the following daily activities in the fasting time possible will help you level up fast and efficiently.

Generally speaking there’s no ‘bad’ class in Diablo Immortal, such is the way the game has been built. It’s just that some classes are more effective than others. Starting out, the best speed farming Solo PVE classes is the Demon Hunter, Barbarians and Crusaders. Depending on which playstyle you prefer (melee vs ranged) will likely decide which of these three paths you choose to go down.

Demon Hunters are the archetypal glass canon, a ranged attacker with strong offensive power but weak defensive capabilities. Whereas Barbarians and Crusaders are better suited to up close and personal melee combat, but both suffer from low single target damage (bad for bosses) and a dependency to wait on cooldowns for essential skills. Regardless though, all three top the leaderboard at launch.

Just below we have the Necromancer and Wizard, who as we say, are not bad they just fall short of the capabilities of the other three classes. Finally there’s the Monk, which is generally more difficult to play and feels better suited as a support class given its skillset. Thankfully this comes in handy in Dungeons and PvP, but for Solo PVE play (especially against bosses) it can be more tricky and less effective compared to other classes.

Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List – Solo PVE, PVP, and Dungeons Ranked (3)

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Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List For PVP

PVP Tier ListClass
S Tier
A Tier
B Tier

Battlegrounds are a new type of mode for Diablo Immortal fans to enjoy, promising meaty 8 vs 8 PvP (Player versus Player) events available every day for 2 hours at 8:00 AM,12:00 PM,6:00 PMand10:00 PM server time. No doubt the mode will prove popular with fans searching for something new to try, but you’ll need to be level 55 before you can participate so make sure to level up and play the main game first.

Once you’re ready, you’ll likely be thinking about what class and build to use in PVP to help improve your MMR. The experts on Maxroll.gg have put a number of builds through their paces and these are the classes and builds they recommend for competitive PVP gameplay.

Generally speaking though, the Crusader and Barbarian builds are the most formidable in PVP thanks to their relentless melee combat. Monks seem to fill a good support role, especially useful for crowd-controling your enemies for the rest of the team to knock down. Likewise Necromancers are the undead kings of crowd control which tactically can come in handy in PVP. Demon Hunters and Wizards when used properly can be good in PVP, but they’re also more tactical classes, that require more effort to succeed, and whilst not bad, we’d recommend other classes and builds over them.

Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List – Solo PVE, PVP, and Dungeons Ranked (4)

That’s everything you need to know about the best Classes in Diablo Immortal for Solo PVE and PVP in Season 1. But if you’re looking for more Diablo Immortal guides, builds and tips then you’ll find plenty more help on the links below.

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Diablo Immortal 20

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What is the best solo PVE class in Diablo Immortal? ›

Starting out, the best speed farming Solo PVE classes is the Demon Hunter, Barbarians and Crusaders. Depending on which playstyle you prefer (melee vs ranged) will likely decide which of these three paths you choose to go down.

Which class is the best for PvP Diablo Immortal? ›

Diablo Immortal: Best PvP Classes
  • 6 Demon Hunter.
  • 5 Monk.
  • 4 Wizard.
  • 3 Necromancer.
  • 2 Barbarian.
  • 1 Crusader.
Apr 8, 2023

Which class is the strongest Diablo Immortal? ›

What is this? The final character that's worthy of being called the best class Diablo Immortal is the Wizard. This one is a novel hybrid of both close-quarters and ranged combat, so you're genuinely looking at the most versatile class in the game here with tons of different options to go for.

Can Crusader solo in Diablo Immortal? ›

There are countless different ways you can choose to maximise the potential of the class, but if you're playing solo the best Crusader build in Diablo Immortal is the Draw and Quarter Crusader Build.

Is Monk good in PVP Diablo Immortal? ›

The Monk is a mixed bag in Season 13 of Diablo Immortal, scoring a B rank in PVE and an A rank in PVP. This means they are much more adept at slaying fellow demon slayers than actual demons this Season. So if you're looking for a tough class to use in PVP, the Monk will be a good choice in Season 13.

Is Barbarian good in PvP Diablo Immortal? ›

The Barbarian is the quintessential close-range Diablo Immortal class, and a great choice for newcomers to the Diablo series. Where other classes may prefer to hang back and deal damage from a relatively safe distance, Diablo Immortal's Barbarian charges ahead of the party to get right up in the enemy's face.

Is Demon Hunter good for PvP Diablo Immortal? ›

The Demon Hunter is a mixed bag in Season 13 of Diablo Immortal. They score an S rank in PVE but only score a B rank PVP. This means that – at least for now – the Demon Hunter is excellent at killing demons but less proficient at slaying other heroes.

How do you increase PvP combat rating in Diablo Immortal? ›

One of the most important ways to increase your Combat Rating is to find and equip Legendary Gems. You can find these randomly while running Elder Rifts - though using the incredibly rare Legendary Crests will give you a random low tier Legendary Gem.

Is Monk the best class in Diablo Immortal? ›

Want to know the best Diablo Immortal Monk builds? Monk may not quite top our Diablo Immortal classes tier list, but it is still the best utility class in Diablo Immortal.

Which Diablo character is the strongest? ›

Thanks to new information in Diablo Immortal, perhaps the leader of secret human organizations may also be contenders against demons and angels in terms of strength.
  1. 1 Anu.
  2. 2 Tathamet. ...
  3. 3 The Nephalem. ...
  4. 4 Tyrael. ...
  5. 5 Trag'Oul. ...
  6. 6 Esu. ...
  7. 7 Bul-Kathos. ...
  8. 8 Prince Aidan. ...
Apr 29, 2023

What is the strongest Diablo Immortal Wizard build? ›

The best Wizard build in Diablo Immortal is the Arcane AoE Wizard build. In group play, most Wizards go all-in on AoE burst damage. The class has a few crowd control options that work well in solo play and PvP, but otherwise goes all damage, all the time.

What is better than Diablo Immortal? ›

AnimA provides the closest experience to Diablo Immortal out of any game on this list. It's challenging, but not in the same way as Pascal's Wager's Soulsborn-like mechanics. Instead, AnimA encourages you to explore all areas of the map and think carefully about how to defeat each boss.

Is Crusader good in Diablo Immortal? ›

The Crusader is absolutely crushing it in Season 13 of Diablo Immortal, scoring an S rank in both PVE and PVP. Here are the two best Crusader builds doing all the damage to Diablo's monsters – and their fellow heroes.

How much is the best build in Diablo Immortal? ›

Obtaining the required amount of Diablo Immortal's legendary gems, and “awakening” your gear to create one of the best Diablo Immortal builds, could cost you around $540,000 in microtransactions, claims one player, who has shared their findings via Twitter and Reddit.

What is the best solo character in Diablo? ›

The best class for playing Diablo 4 solo is the Necromancer.

Other classes can surely be used for solo play, but the Necromancer brings a unique balance of versatility and power that really puts it ahead. Players choosing the Necromancer are all but guaranteed to have a good time playing through the story on their own.

Which is better Crusader or Barbarian Diablo Immortal? ›

The main difference is that the Barbarian has healing abilities where it can turn damage into health, while the Crusader forgoes that ability in favour of more ranged attacks and areas of effect abilities.

What is the best tank build in Diablo Immortal? ›

The best Diablo Immortal Crusader build is the Consecration Crusader build. It is able to deal and absorb huge amounts of damage, making it an exceptional tank. There are a few different Crusader builds that you could opt for, but many of them lean towards either strictly group or solo play.

Is Crusader good in PVP Diablo Immortal? ›

The Crusader class in general is a strong pick for any player who's interested in PVP gameplay, as the class has several mobility and CC skills that are incredibly strong and useful (e.g., and ).

Should you dual wield as Monk? ›

All characters can dual wield. It will often not be effective for a monk to do so, generally speaking. The monk can already make an unarmed attack as a bonus action. You don't get any extra bonus actions, just the one.

Which Paragon is Diablo Immortal? ›

Paragon in Diablo Immortal is an advanced endgame leveling system that helps to unlock specialized skills, attributes, and more. You get to unlock this system once you've defeated Skarn and completed the RPG's campaign.

Is Necromancer Diablo Immortal good? ›

The Necromancer is a brilliant pick for Diablo beginners and veterans alike, as it is the best class in Diablo Immortal. Its ability to summon a group of minions to soak up damage means you can avoid taking fatal hits, leaving you free to cast extra spells from a distance without risk.

What is the best legendary Barbarian in Diablo Immortal? ›

Best Legendary Gems for Barbarian in Diablo Immortal
Best Starter Legendary GemsBest Legendary Gems
Everlasting TormentChip of Stone Flesh
Fervant FangFrozen Heart
Lightning CorePhoenix Ashes
Trickshot GemSleeping Bile
2 more rows
Sep 9, 2022

Is combat rating most important Diablo Immortal? ›

However, the most important factor regarding overall game strength in Diablo Immortal is Combat Rating. The value of this number alone controls a large percentage of the damage enemies can deal to players and the damage players can deal to enemies.

What is the best solo build Demon Hunter Diablo Immortal? ›

There are countless different ways you can choose to maximise the potential of the class, but if you're playing solo the best Demon Hunter build in Diablo Immortal is the Sharpshooter Demon Hunter Build. The Demon Hunter class is a glass canon.

What is the best rank 10 reward in Diablo Immortal? ›

Being a “weapon” is just a common term here, as the off-hands also include Shields that improve the player's various skills.
  • The Remembered (Barbarian) ...
  • Pavise Of 10 Wings (Crusader) ...
  • The Hungerer (Demon Hunter) ...
  • Eye Of The Storm (Monk) ...
  • Baleful Trinity (Necromancer) ...
  • The Siphon (Wizard)
Sep 21, 2022

What are the gear tiers in Diablo Immortal? ›

In Diablo Immortal, equippable items range from lowest to highest quality: Normal (white), Magic (blue), Rare (yellow) or Legendary (orange) items.

What combat rating is too low to join the raid? ›

The message “your combat rating is too low” appears when you want to participate in a raid, and for that, the game has set a benchmark Combat Rating of 420. To participate in a raid, you will need a Combat Rating of 420 or more, and usually, players will reach this Combat Rating around level 44-48.

What is the strongest Monk class? ›

Dungeons And Dragons: All Monk Subclasses, Ranked From Least To Most Powerful
  • 8 Ascendant Dragon.
  • 7 Drunken Master.
  • 6 Long Death.
  • 5 Astral Self.
  • 4 Shadow.
  • 3 Kensei.
  • 2 Mercy.
  • 1 Open Hand.
Jan 3, 2023

What class makes the best Monk? ›

It's the one class that rivals the deadly Rogue in mobility. Their ability to strike hard and fast, stunning single opponents before dodging the danger themselves, is what makes the monk a formidable foe in combat.
Best Monk Races
  • Wood Elves. ...
  • Stout Halflings. ...
  • Hill Dwarves. ...
  • Variant humans. ...
  • Aarakocra. ...
  • Kenku.
Mar 10, 2022

What is the highest skill cap in Diablo Immortal? ›

The level cap in Diablo Immortal is Level 60.

What rank are legendary Diablo Immortal? ›

We can see three categories of star ranks for the legendary gems in Diablo Immortal, and these all will be further divided into five ranks as S, A, B, C and F making S the best, A great, B as situational, C as replaceable and F into totally useless for your class.

Where is the best solo farming location in Diablo Immortal? ›

Given the large patches around the unnamed structure just southwest of the Cursed Grove, that's going to be the best place to farm them. In the immediate area, there are some experience shrines and chests that pop up, so patrol here to level up quickly.

What is the easiest class for solo PVE wow? ›

Surprising nobody, Hunters keep their title as the best solo class in the game. Whether playing alone in Classic or retail, Hunters don't need friends because they can tame pets to accompany them on their adventure.

Who has the highest damage in Diablo Immortal? ›

Demon Hunter from the Diablo Immortal has the greatest single target damage in the game, and his primary attacks are also magnificent. It is better to call him a great hero to utilize on the crossbow and for the primary attacks to deal with heavy damage at a distance.

What is the best set for in Diablo Immortal? ›

  • 7 Untouchable Mountebank. This Item Set is also fairly weak, compared to the best ones. ...
  • 6 Windloft Perfection. ...
  • 5 Isaatar Imbued. ...
  • 4 Vithu's Urges. ...
  • 3 Shepherd's Call To Wolves. ...
  • 2 War Rags Of Shal'Baas. ...
  • 1 Grace Of The Flagellant.
Jan 17, 2023

What is the best Diablo boss to farm? ›

Mephisto, Act boss of Act III, is the most popular Act boss to farm in Diablo II: Resurrected. The main reason for that is that spellcasters are able to get Mephisto stuck in several places of the level. That way, basically every ranged class is able to finish him without much effort or gear.

Which Paragon is best for Demon Hunter Diablo Immortal? ›

Gladiator is the paragon tree you want if you're into PvP and Soldier is a great survivability paragon if you're into raiding and dungeon grinding.

What is the best Necromancer build in Diablo Immortal solo? ›

There are countless different ways you can choose to maximise the potential of the class, but if you're playing solo the best Necromancer build in Diablo Immortal is the Summoner Necromancer Build. The Necromancer class is pretty unique in that its best attacks are short to mid-range.

What is the best mage spec for soloing? ›

Frost Mage

As it has been for past expansions, the Frost Mage spec continues to be the best spec for solo leveling.

What class is best for solo PvP Classic? ›

What class is best for solo PvP Classic? If you're a solo player interested in PvP content or playing on a PvP server, it's difficult to pass up all of the advantages that a rogue brings to one on one PvP combat. Without a doubt, there's no better class for taking on single opponents than the rogue.

What is the best solo class for Lich King? ›

The hunter remains the best class for solo content in Wrath due to its easy learning curve, unique class content, and unmatched ability to face down single target mobs thanks to its pet.

Is Demon Hunter good in PVP Diablo Immortal? ›

The Demon Hunter is a mixed bag in Season 13 of Diablo Immortal. They score an S rank in PVE but only score a B rank PVP. This means that – at least for now – the Demon Hunter is excellent at killing demons but less proficient at slaying other heroes.

How much money to max out Diablo Immortal? ›

While many believed that it would take almost $100,000 to max out a Diablo Immortal character, one player reveals it may take much, much more money.


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