Camping Food List | Camping Food Basics – Camping in the Forest (2023)

A great way to stock the camping kitchen is to take foods that don’t require refrigeration. There are plenty of items you can include on your camping food list that won’t spoil, so you can enjoy an easy, carefree camping trip without worrying about the grub going off! Don’t forget these food essentials when heading to the forest…

Dry foods

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1. Cereal

Great any time of day, but certainly worth having to start your day right, especially if you’re planning a full day of activities. As a dry food, cereal is non-perishable, making it a must-have on your camping food list. Porridge oats are definitely a cereal to have in the stocks.

2. Bread

Another essential food item that can be used for any meal time. At breakfast time it’s perfect for toast, great for sandwiches at lunch and beans on toast as a quick and easy evening meal. Bread can be eaten up to seven days after its best before date, and as a versatile food, it certainly should be on your camping food list.

3. Pasta

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Non-perishable, quick and easy to cook, pasta is an ideal main meal for hungry campers. Perfect for a Bolognese or Macaroni and Cheese, create a carb filled meal to calm rumbling stomachs. If you cook pasta in bulk, you can it eat cold for lunch the following day, for two meals for the price of one!Camping Food List | Camping Food Basics – Camping in the Forest (2)

4. Rice

Great for a ‘one pot’ camping meal, rice can be used for a chilli con carne, paella, curries and more. A non-perishable food, rice is a great stomach filler after an active day of adventure.

5. Powdered milk

Add to tea, coffee, hot chocolate and more, plus use it to stir into porridge oats to add flavour.

6. Crackers

A great food for lunch time, crackers are a camping favourite to which you can add all kinds of toppings.

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7. Eggs

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Eggs don’t need to be refrigerated provided they are stored at a consistent temperature, under 20°C. Eggs can be used to supplement or provide a main meal, there’s so much you can do with them, whether scrambled, fried, poached or boiled.

A quick and easy way to make use of eggs is an omelette, while at breakfast time, there’s just something about enjoying a hard-boiled egg and ‘soldiers’ while watching the sunrise in the forest. Give it a try!

Tinned food

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8. Beans

Baked beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and more are worth adding to your camping food list as they’re full of protein. Baked beans can be used for beans on toast or as a dressing for jacket potatoes, kidney beans can be added to chilli con carne, while chickpeas can be added to salads, soups and more.

9. Tuna

Tuna is a great sandwich or jacket potato filler and can be added to pasta dishes for wholesome meals for all the family to enjoy.

10. Soups

Ready in minutes, soups come in all kinds of flavours giving you plenty of variety. Perfect for lunches and as a main meal, soups are great with plain bread or buttered toast.

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11. Vegetables

Tinned vegetables are a great accompaniment for any lunchtime or main meal. Peas, carrots, runner beans, sweetcorn, mushrooms, mixed veg and more are worth adding to your camping food stocks to pad out meals.

12. Fruit

Fresh fruit perishes quite quickly, so take some tinned fruit to accompany breakfast or to use as a dessert. Everything from peaches and pineapples to pears and prunes come in tinned form.


13. Stir in sauces

Add flavour to your main meals with pasta sauces, chilli sauces and curry sauces for tasty camping grub.

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14. Sauces

Tomato ketchup, barbeque sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, soy sauce and more will add flavour to camping meals and are a must-have on your camping food list.

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15. Jam

A great topping for toast, stirring into oatmeal or jam sandwiches for the kids at lunchtime, jam has multiple uses for adding flavour to food.

16. Peanut butter

A camping condiment favourite, peanut butter is full of protein and makes the perfect toast topping, sandwich filler and can even be used on crackers. It’s great as a chocolate dip, too!

17. Sugar

Add a little flavour to your cereal or stir into your tea, coffee and hot chocolate to sweeten up your beverages.

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18. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Tea and coffee are perfect camping beverages to accompany breakfast or to flask up and drink on the go, while hot chocolate is the best evening drink to enjoy before settling in for the night – don’t forget to add marshmallows.


19. Long life milk

Perfect for pouring over your cereals or adding to tea, coffee and hot chocolate, long life milk is an ideal camping trip grocery item as an alternative to fresh milk. Be sure to take screw top cartons so you can reseal after use.

The essential camping food list is not exhaustive! Provided you have enough non-perishable food items in the kitchen stock, you can create tasty, wholesome meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, quickly and easily. Be sure to bring these items with you when you camp at one of our locations. See you soon!


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