10 Top Pest Control Companies in South Dakota - Business in the Midwest (2022)

10 Top Pest Control Companies in South Dakota - Business in the Midwest (1)

If your premises has been infested with a type of pest, one of the following 10 top pest control companies in South Dakota might be able to help.

1. All Seasons Pest Control

All Seasons Pest Control provides pest control solutions for a variety of different structures and situations. Whether you are looking for answers for an infestation in your personal dwelling or trying to resolve a problem at a workplace like an office or restaurant, All Seasons Pest Control has you covered, capable of dealing with anything from unwanted guests like cockroaches and ticks, to more aggressive infestations like wasps or even wildlife.

Based in Rapid City, South Dakota, All Seasons Pest Control offers its services in different plans and services that start from the basic one-time extermination service up to more expansive coverages, including additional visits, treatments for varieties of pests, and at a greater frequency. Both residential and more commercial customers can expect the same level of excellent service from this pest terminator, no matter the level of difficulty.

Get to know a bit more about All Seasons Pest Control and what they can do for you!

2. Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control

Family-owned and operated since 1938, the professional pest control outfit Truly Nolen brings experience and expertise to back its guarantee of customer satisfaction. With successful franchises located nationwide, their South Dakota location in Sioux Falls looks to live up to the company’s reputation and history of excellence.

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Truly Nolen provides pest control services for bugs like bed bugs, wasps, and bees, as well as for dealing with termites and rodents. They are proud to be an environmentally conscious company and care deeply about creating sustainable solutions that take care of your pest problems while not creating irreparable harm to the natural surroundings.

Connect with Truly Nolen to request an inspection today!

3. Premier Pest Control

Mitchell, South Dakota is home to local business Premier Pest Control Inc. Named one of the’ Best of’ companies in 2019 and 2020 by a local paper ‘The Daily Republic’, Premier Pest Control is a reputable name in its industry.

Whether residential or commercial, the company has a variety of services for any number of pest-related issues; from termites, to rats, to even bats, Premier Pest Control can be relied on to step in for you. They provide removal services that are customized to your location and the nature of the related infestation, as well as regular inspections post-removal to ensure that you’re free to live and work pest-free.

Discover more about Premier Pest Control and how they can help you!

4. Olson’s Pest Technicians

Olson’s Pest Technicians have been eliminating pests since its founding in 1966. They provide removal services for a variety of pests, including birds, bats, bedbugs, and termites. Based in Yankton, South Dakota, in addition to a number of other locations in the Midwest, Olson’s Pest Technicians specializes in pest removal for commercial and residential properties, as well as ranches and farms.

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The detail that Olson’s Pest Technicians go into is unsurpassed. Everything starts with a customized consultation and ends with a personal follow-up. Whether the prescribed treatment requires fumigation, chemical treatments, the deployment of bait stations, or all of the above, you can count on Olson’s Pest Technicians to follow through from start to finish.

Tell them about your concerns here, and leave the rest to them!

5. Black Hills Pest Control

Founded in Sturgis, South Dakota, Black Hills Pest Control is a reputable pest control company serving the local community. Founded by Ken and Jean Beug in 1998, they leveraged many years of experience working in agriculture into what is currently a very successful pest control business.

Black Hills Pest Control provides service to dealing with pests including termites, cockroaches, spiders ants, and flies. They’re ready and able to deal with properties from personal residences to businesses, such as ranches and farms.

Let Black Hills Pest Control know more about your issues by clicking here!

6. Pfitzer Pest Control

The husband-wife team of Garret and Karen Pfitzer started Pfitzer Pest Control in 2010. Now operating in five locations, including Aberdeen, Huron, Mitchell, and Mobridge in South Dakota, Pfitzer Pest Control continues to collect rave reviews from satisfied customers.

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Pfitzer Pest Control has expertise in dealing with a variety of difficult pests, such as spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and centipedes. They are passionate about connecting with local business owners and reducing the stress that these invaders have caused them.

If you have an infestation to deal with, Pfitzer Pest Control is the company you want on your side!

7. Eco Friendly Pest Control Inc.

A proud local business and established part of the Sioux Falls community, Eco Friendly Pest Control, Inc. is a leader in the pest control and elimination industry in South Dakota. Having been in business for over 10 years, they provide safe and effective pest solutions and insecticide-based products for residential and commercial customers.

As their name suggests, Eco Friendly Pest Control, Inc. takes care and pride in not only their relationships with their customers but also with the environment. This eco-friendly company offers its services in a variety of service plans according to property type and length of coverage. They’re also available for emergencies if you’re in immediate need of an exterminator!

Reach out to them to talk about the pest problems today!

8. P&K Pest Control

Owners Denny and Justin Bosma founded P&K Pest Control in Sioux Falls, South Dakota over twenty years ago in 1990. Now, they continue to enjoy the support of the local community as one of the go-to pest controllers and exterminators in the Midwest, working through cases of pests affecting residential, agricultural, and commercial properties.

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The number of species that P&K Pest Control specializes in is truly impressive: the standard fare of rats, cockroaches, and spiders only scratches the surface. They promise speedy, personalized service and a hands-on approach that guarantees customer service and, most important, no more pests.

For more details about their services, take a look at their website!

9. Shield Plus Pest Control

Shield Plus Pest Control is a BBB-accredited pest control business in South Dakota, based in Sioux Falls. The local outfit provides professional pest removal services for businesses and individuals dealing with the infestation of any number of pests, such as bedbugs, termites, bats, and wasps, to name a few.

Along with the experienced staff and range of services the company offers, Shield Plus Pest Control emphasizes the importance of their use of the ‘Convection Method’ to eliminate bedbugs; by artificially heating up the affected area, the process is highly effective and leaves a minimal impact to the surrounding furniture or property. This is but one example of the number of innovative approaches that Shield Plus Pest Control takes with all its pest removal cases.

Want to hear more? Contact them for videos of past treatments and to hear more about their services!

10. Ingram Pest Service

Founded in Fort Pierre, South Dakota, Ingram Pest Service has been providing unparalleled pest control services since 2002. Family-owned and operated, they look to connect with their customers and ensure only the best service, whether it is one of their packaged, arranged services, or a one-off same/next-day service.

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Ingram Pest Services takes care of resident’s homes, whether it’s afflicted by termites, rodents, or other insects. The company utilizes only proven, effective pest control products, at reasonable products. For customers who are looking to deal with issues on a commercial property, Ingram Pest Services has the capacity to provide the same level of excellent service for the larger-scale job.

Allow Ingram Pest Service to take care of your property. Tell them more about your pest problems today!


What is the highest rated pest control company? ›

Top 5 Best Pest Control Companies in 2022
  • Terminix: Best Overall.
  • Orkin: Best for Urgent Service.
  • Hawx: Best Mosquito Plan.
  • J.C. Ehrlich: Most Comprehensive Plan.
  • Aptive: Most Customizable.
Jul 27, 2022

Is a pest control company worth it? ›

Professional exterminating provides faster and more effective results than do-it-yourself methods, in most cases. They can also save you money in the future by identifying pest problems early and eliminating them fast, preventing a costly infestation and/or damage in the future.

How many pest control companies are there in the US? ›

How many businesses are there in the Pest Control industry in the US in 2022? There are 29,535 Pest Control businesses in the US as of 2022, an increase of 3.6% from 2021.

Which one is better Orkin or Terminix? ›

Orkin has more experience and a higher Better Business Bureau rating than Terminix. However, Terminix has more consistent ratings, serves more customers, and offers an online chat. Both Orkin and Terminix offer comprehensive pest control services, nearly a century of experience, and satisfaction guarantees.

How much is Terminix pest control? ›

Terminix Pricing

Terminix prices typically range from $550 to $700 annually for a 2,000-square-foot home. Mosquito services start at roughly $60 per month, and tick services start at around $80 per month.

Is Aptive a pyramid scheme? ›

Basically a Pyramid Scheme

If you have years of sales experience you may have a shot at being successful but the chances are slim.

What is the best company to get rid of mice? ›

Top Recommended Companies for Mice Removal

The specialists at Terminix, Orkin, and Hawx have the equipment, products, and experience to do a professional-level job. They know how to handle potentially harmful chemicals and how to get rid of mice in the most effective, efficient way.

Who is Terminix owned by? ›

Terminix International Company, L.P. is one of the largest pest control companies in the world, operating in 47 states in the United States and 22 countries around the world.
TypeSubsidiary of Terminix Global Holdings, Inc.
Number of employees10,500
ParentTerminix Global Holdings, Inc.
8 more rows

How do you get stink bugs out of your house? ›

Soapy Water

Fill a wide mouth jar with soapy water (add some vinegar for extra killing power), move it into position beneath a stink bug, and most often it will drop right into the suds and drown. Combine equal parts hot water and dish soap in a spray bottle and spray on windowsill entry points.


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